Top Achievements

Place 1 WCG 2008 - _H2O (AoE3)
Place 2 WCG 2007 - Xeon (CnC3)
Place 3 WCG 2008 - khufu (CnC3)


2000 - 2011
MMC.eSports was an internationally leading eSport team renowned for its successes in RTS games.

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Key dates

  • 2000: The AoE2 clan Mittelmächteclan (MMC) is formed.
  • 2005: The management repositions the clan as a professional, competitive eSport team - MMC.eSports is founded as a registered association under Austrian law.
  • 2007: MMC.eSports signs its first contracts with corporate sponsors.
  • 2008: With seven qualified players, MMC.eSports is the most represented team at the WorldCyberGames. A gold and bronze medal concluded the most successful year of the team.
  • 2011: MMC.eSports ceases its competitive activities.

Notable players

In the 10 years of competitive gaming, MMC.eSports (and its predecessor Mittelmächteclan) had approximately 80 different players competing under its helm. As these were all highly skilled and successful players, a vast collection of achievements could be listed here. MMC.eSports would never have become what it became without a determined, loyal and collaborative base of players. Therefore, the following selection should merely be seen as a tribute to particularly successful players who catapulted MMC.eSports into the spotlight of the global eSport community.
  • Andreas "StarSky" Hefter; an AoM-legend.
  • Bernhard "Dragonfood" Kainhofer; austrian champion and one of the dominating players in CnC3
  • Marcel "InsOp" Michelfelder; german champion and vice champion in RA3
  • David "KhuFu" Lathrop; was arguably the best US player in CnC3, winning the US WCG Open 2008 and reaching the 3rd place at the WCG Grand Final 2008.
  • Drako "IamDaut" Dautovic; legendary for his achievements in AoE2 Drako also became 2nd in the RoL $100000 championship tournament.
  • Leon "Xeon" Machens; as an early-hour dominator of CnC3, Leon won the silver medal at the WCG 2007.
  • Ryan "_H2O" Mancl; WCG gold-medallist for winning the AoE3 competition at the WCG Grand Final 2008.

It is a pleasure and honor to mention also the core members who built and shaped the team over the years - it was a pleasure to work with you guys.

Furthermore we provide some pictures of the good old days.


  • Michael Schweighofer (Managing Member; Co-Founder MMC.eSports; Co-Founder Mittelmaechteclan) (Active: 2000-2011)
  • Tobias Lutzi (Managing Member) (Active:2006-2010)
  • Samuel Willi (Managing Member; Co-Founder MMC.eSports) (Active:2000-2008)
  • Christos Karaissaridis (Co-Founder MMC.eSports) (Active:2004-2006)
  • Markus Krueger (Co-Founder Mittelmaechteclan) (Active:2000-2002)


MMC.eSports was a registered association with the registration number (ZVR): 313379378 For any inquiries, visit our forum or send an e-mail to: