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Location: Heiligenkreuz
Posts: 1684
# Thread - 2010-03-29 at 10:38 PM
Is Starcraft 2 the game we have waited for?

Six patches, a dozen tournaments, thousands of players, and a hundred thousand or so games played later, StarCraft 2 is starting to take shape.

It has now been over a month since the start of Blizzard's StarCraft 2 Beta. On February 17th 2010, thousands of lucky gamers from around the world got an e-mail in their inbox notifying them that they had been chosen to participate in the StarCraft 2 Beta. For hundreds of thousands of other people, they were left pressing F5 for a few dizzying hours before finally giving up. Within a week thousands of games were played, beta testers from all around the world pulled all-nighters through the week to test out the newest RTS from Blizzard.

Does it fullfill your expectations?

Location: Paris
Posts: 1398
# Answer: 1 - 2010-03-29 at 10:59 PM
it definetely has already exceeded my expectations, with so many great players coming back and playing for MMC once more

but i'd really like to hear the opinions of some of you who already got their hands on the game and tell about gameplay, balancing, etc...


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Posts: 645
# Answer: 2 - 2010-03-29 at 11:03 PM
well i am pretty suprised how balanced this game allready is. it's fun to play and i get to see how crappy my micro is

what annoys me as a protoss atm is that you get kind of pushed to one build when facing the other 2 races.

vs Zerg you oughta get templars later because Colossi fail vs Corrupters and it's the other way round vs Terra because Ghosts just fuck up the whole Protoss army with their EMP bombs which also drain all mana :/
which leads me to my first point with my crappy micro, while i know that keeping the templars away from the main force is an option. I just wanna whine a bit

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Location: Ha?furt
Posts: 1350
# Answer: 3 - 2010-03-30 at 8:42 AM
haha and u should, just dont move the templars as a bunch, plus behind the army. He wont have 5 EMPs to throw it on anything.^^

I think its the first RTS games since a long time which did not only became more rooky ( as the trend has been till now).
However, I think its easy for starters to get into the game, while there are so many options on how u can play and that skill will always make the difference.

Tho I think eco handling is so rooky, after being used to Age of games^^

Answers: 3
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