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# Thread - 2010-03-29 at 10:31 PM
The sixth patch since the release of the Beta addresses many issues such as the ability of units to effectively wall on ramps and choke points. There are also many improvements made to 2.0.

Generally the Terrans seem to be a little less gas dependent. Vikings, Ghosts, and Tech Labs have had their gas cost reduced. Another reduction, which might come as a bigger surprise to all users, is the change from 60 to 45 health of the SCV. The SCV has always had more health than the other worker units due to its vulnerability when building. Although it is much harder to click on an SCV that is building in StarCraft 2, that vulnerability still exists.

The Protoss have also received several nerfs. Colossi have had their attacks reduced to 20 from 23. Stalkers now do 10 (+4 armored) damage, up from 8 (+6 armored) damage and receive no bonus damage to armored units when their attacks are upgraded. Observers will now cost more and take longer to make, as are Dark Shrines.

There are not as many changes to the Zerg army as the other races. The Zerg Roaches have received a large nerf to their regeneration rates while burrowed. Banelings now do 20 (15 light) damage, up from 15 (20 light). This just means they will be more effective against other units, while still being a horror for light armored units.

[from GosuGamers]

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