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# Thread - 2009-02-10 at 5:46 PM
WCG Europe's main sponsor, Samsung, will not have a booth at CeBIT. The WCG now confirms that the SEC won't take place at CeBIT, and is looking for a new location.
Back at the end of January, reported that Samsung would most likely not have a booth at CeBIT this March. Still, an official reason why the world's largest LCD TV producer would not attend this important exhibition has not been given, but 'The Korean Times' gave us a hint when it reported that Samsung lost $12 million in the Oct.-Dec. period, which was the first period of loss for the company in the past eight years.

Weeks ago, the German news paper 'Frankfurter Allgemeine', reported that there will be fewer exhibits at CeBIT this year due to financial concerns.

It was obvious that if Samsung didn't have a booth at CeBIT, the WCG Samsung Euro Championship 'SEC' wouldn't take place this year. With the ESL Extreme Masters Continental and Global Final confirmed months ago, this might be the only eSports event left to take place at CeBIT in Germany. contacted the WCG for an offical statement and Mister Korea, South Sang Hong confirmed that the SEC won't take place during CeBIT: "We regret to inform you [that the] Samsung Euro Championship, which has been held in CeBIT for several years, will not be held this year reflecting current circumstances."

He adds that "due to [the] global economic slump, [the] WCG's main sponsors announced not to participate in CeBIT this year. Besides, CeBIT not only reduced its size but changed the exhibition to a more B2B focused program, so [the] synergy effect that can happen with [the] Samsung Euro Championship has decreased."

Though, he denies the rumours that said the SEC won't take place this year and makes clear that the European edition of the WCG will actually take place: "Therefore, WCG decided CeBIT might not be the best place for [the] Samsung Euro Championship, and is looking for the most suitable place, where the players and spectators can enjoy the excitement of e-sports. The new date and site is not settled yet, but will be announced later." understands that WCG and Samsung will continue their cooperation for SEC this year.

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