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Location: Heiligenkreuz
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# Thread - 2008-04-22 at 9:24 AM
Copy & Paste:

The cup starts on Saturday, 26th of April at 20.00 CET and all games will be played back to back on this day.
The cup has 32 slots and will be run with a checkin system. You can sign up now but you have to check in within 30 minutes before the cup starts. The first 32 players who check in are able to participate because the cup has a limited amount of space.
The cup will use the 1on1 rules (see link below) with some special modifications. These specific cup rules replace the general 1on1 rules.


There are three phases. The phases use the following timelines:

1. Phase: Registration(up to 30 Minutes before the start of the Cup)
2. Phase: Confirmation (between 30 Minutes and 20 Minutes before the start of the Cup)
3. Phase: Sign-up (from 20 Minutes before the start of the Cup)

Check-In from the user's point of view
If the check-in-system is used in a cup the link to sign-up will be changed. Sign-up will become Check-In: Register (Phase 1). The link will lead to the normal sign-up form. If the user has registered he will be notified about when the check-in will start. When the time for the check-in has come Check-In: Register will change to Check-In: Confirm (Phase 2). From then on the user has 10 minutes to confirm his participation. Does he fail to confirm then his place will be freed for someone else.
After the 10 minutes of confirmation the link will change to Check-In: Sign-up (Phase 3). At this point every non registered player will have the chance to sign-up directly to the cup without any prior registration.


Try to beat me

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# Answer: 1 - 2008-04-23 at 7:27 AM
gogo! gl hf!

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